May 27 2002

Matt Rice has a very nice component demo which

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Matt Rice has a very nice component demo which looks very much like what I am trying to do. He posted a comment on Mesh his weblog as response to my comment: “I started one from scratch as well about a month ago and i work on it whenever i get a few couple minutes. There are still some bugs in it but you can see my progress at

It looks very good and made me decide to improve the way I have done the scalability for my columns. I am scaling all subcells while dragging, but Matt does it in a much nicer, less processor consuming way: he draws a line on the stage which shows the new width of the column and only really resizes the subcells when the dragging stops. It seems that he knows better what he’s doing than I do, cause the way he does it also is the way it’s being done in for example MS Outlook.

I would be interested to know how Matt is going to support scrolling through the list and whether he’ll also support listener events like I do. It’s kind of cool that so many people are hacking their way to such a visual layout!

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