May 14 2002

Marc Garrett interviewed Jeremy Allaire. Topics

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Marc Garrett interviewed Jeremy Allaire. Topics covered are ColdFusion MX, Dreamweaver MX and the Macromedia Exchange. This question took my interest:

DWMX supports ASP.NET, old-fashioned ASP, JSP, PHP, CF, XML, etc. In that alphabet soup of technologies, does Macromedia run the risk of spreading its software development resources too thin? Is it possible to build a tool that’s the best editor for most mainstream web scripting languages?

I think I have to agree with Jeremy’s answer. I am currently using both ASP, CF and PHP for my client projects and it’s much easier to do so with Dreamweaver MX. Especially learning CFMX with Dreamweaver MX is a real time saver cause I am no (t yet) a CF guru myself. In UltraDev 4 I used the Server Behaviors a lot but still did not learn about the language itself. Now with the Code Hints it’s much easier: they really help me to remember which attributes are supported by which tags and which values they can be set to. No need to search them in my Forta book that often anymore!

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