May 06 2002

Maybe you already noticed that Dreamweaver MX

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Maybe you already noticed that Dreamweaver MX supports editing of Actionscript files (*.as) very well. I really like the Color Coding and Code Hinting (aka code insight) features. However, I defenitely missed the Reference Panel from the Flash MX authoring environment.

Because of this and because Dreamweaver MX also supports reference books I created a new reference book for the Flash MX Actionscript Dictionary. It installs the Actionscript Dictionary book which ships with Flash MX into your Dreamweaver MX reference panel. This is very usefull when editing actionscript *.as files in Dreamweaver MX.Click for a demo video (requires the Flash 6 player ).

Best of all is that this extension supports the lookup feature which means that you can select an actionscript keyword in your script and have Dreamweaver lookup the reference in the reference book.

The extension is still in beta but can already be downloaded from Please send me some feedback when you’ve been playing with this extension.

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